Member Bottle: Blue


The very first barrel I filled here at Barrel Culture was PC-09. This barrel is on it’s second iteration, the first producing one of my favorite beers, Peach Skillet. Originally containing my favorite cultures and flora, the top up on of this barrel last summer saw a grist comprised of locally malted pilsner, wheat, and rye, and fermented with a vast blend of saison strains and brett cultures, before being introduced to the bacteria and brett strains already living in the wood. This barrel has a sister that will be reserved and will one day inoculate our first foeder, but this barrel is for you. Thank you for your love, your support, and your dedication to our member club. It has been a pleasure to make these beers for you and I hope you will you consider joining us again next year. ~ Paul Wasmund, Sour Power Ranger

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